Positive Impact of Weight Loss on Our Health

weight loss

Improved Sleep

Better sleep is one of the outcome of weight loss. One study done by Endocrine Society in 2014 shows that reducing 5% of your body weight will give you better and longer sleep, improving overall quality of your sleep and duration of sleep. (1)

Better Sex Drive

Higher Weight is now also seen as primary reason for people having lower testosterone levels and reduced libido. According to WebMD just loosing 10 pound is enough to activate your sex hormones. (2) To increase your sex drive, you can also check out review of volume pills to see how you have a better sex drive.

Helps Avoid Type 2 Diabetes or Pre Diabetes

One Research shows that group of people with lifestyle intervention over the period of 24 weeks, in which they lost 7% of body weight and did 150 minutes of exercise had reduced the chance of pre-diabetes and helped avoid type 2 diabetes. (3)

Weight loss effect on Cardio Vascular structure

Study has shown that when obese subjects accomplished moderate weight loss via diet, there cardiovascular structure and function was improved. (4)

Joint Health

5% reduction of body weight can dramatically decrease the stress, pain and pressure on lower back, knees & lower back pain. 10 kg of weight loss is equal to 30to 60 kg less force on knees. Study shows that 10% reduction in body weight has resulted in 28% improved in symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. (5)

Reproductive outcomes

There was study done with obese women who were attempting to pregnancy. Forty-nine obese women were considered for this trial, ageing around 37 years. The intervention group achieved 48% pregnancy rate, the study concludes that weight loss programme, which involves diet, physical activity and behavioural component can significantly improve pregnancy rate for women undergoing fertility treatment.(6)

Helps Reduce Inflammatory Response

One study shows that merely 5% reduction in body weight combined withe exercise has attenuate the inflammatory response in healthy young obese adults. (7)

Weight loss can improve memory in type 2 diabetes patients

Research when done with obese patients with type 2 diabetes, showed improvement in activity in those areas of brain that is responsible for memory performance, leadring to reduced risk of dementia and other brain related disease. (8)
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– by Rishi Modi