Free Weight Loss Workshop

At BeFitBeHealthy we have a vision of making a huge difference in the world by impacting health and fitness for all human beings and working with them to achieve their optimum nutritional and health goals.

To fulfil on this vision, we offer a 3 hour workshop on the pathway for individual Weight Loss & Health.

Here are some of the people who’ve attended our workshop and have produced results…

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What is covered in ‘BeFitBeHealthy’ weight loss workshops?

In our workshops we discuss the  following –

  1. Understanding basic type of Nutrients that aid human health.
  2. Identifying the diseases which are related to obesity.
  3. Understanding Free Radicals and Antioxidants
  4. Foods that impact our health the most.
  5. Impact of  hormones on obesity.
  6. Identifying the hormones which can help lose weight.
  7. Introduction to H.I.N.D. Diet (High In Nutrition Density Diet).
  8. Deep and easy understanding of this diet and how to follow it daily.
  9. Role of Water in human body.
  10. Role of Sleep.
  11. Role of Supplements.
  12. Discussing the pace at which you will lose weight.
  13. Creating Goal and Vision around your weight loss.
  14. Introducing ‘Be Fit Be Healthy’ App that will aid your journey to targeted weight loss.
  15. Having people be a part of fitness community for motivation and action.

How much does this workshop cost?

Workshop is FREE of cost – we don’t charge for this workshop.

Who can participate in this workshop?

Anyone and everyone who is an adult can participate in ‘BeFitBeHealthy’ Weight Loss Workshop. You can be either fit or obese; this work is for everyone who wants to have basic knowledge about nutrition and weight loss.

Who has designed this workshop?

Rishi Modi (Certified Nutritionist) & Dr.Shilpa Varma (Clinical Nutritionist) along with team of doctors who are a part of advisory committee have designed this workshop. This Diet introduced by them is backed up by scientific studies and available research data.

Is it a Fad diet?

No, this program does not promote any fad diet. In fact this program and Diet is well researched and backed up by scientific data.

H.I.N.D. (High in Nutrition Density) Diet is a wholesome diet helping people gain health and vitality.

Who leads this workshop?

People who are certified and trained by ‘BeFitBehealthy’

How many people have attended these workshops?

Over 500 people have attended ‘BeFitBeHealthy’ workshop as on 30th April 2017.

Do you offer corporate program?

Yes, and our corporate program are on chargeable basis.

How do I register for the workshop?

Please click here to register for the workshop, remember our workshops fill fast, so register early.


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