Our Success Stories


Thanks Rishi and Mitesh...I have tried to follow every bit of your advice on diet. While weight and inches are big part of it, I really feel energized and fresh and active with this diet which was missing sometimes in the past. Thank you very much *


Rupal Shah

From 15 years I went to 4 dieticians.  I did yoga 10 years back, I've done zumba 3 years back, taken weigh loss massages but never went below 58.5 kg and would gain it back in 3 month.

Last year I was so resigned that I did not do anything.

After starting BeFitBeHealthy diet, it was possible for me to lose weight and I feel younger and healthy.

Thank you BeFitBeHealthy Team *

Mehul Seth

Hi all. I achieved my target of losing 9.3 kgs in 70 days. Before starting this diet I used to feel tired by afternoon. A short nap of 15 minutes in the afternoon was mandatory to work productively in the evening. I used to experience acidity n leg pains frequently at night. Also tea n coffee without sugar was unimaginable for me. Also being a Jain I followed Atham n Punam. i.e. no fruits, salads n veggies on these 2 days. So I used to have a khakra with a cup of tea on these two days. That was just not acceptable with tea without sugar on the first day. I badly wanted to have sugar.

Once I took on this diet I rarely have a nap in the afternoon n yet I am high on energy till night. I don't experience acidity n leg pains at night anymore. Also i experimented snacking with tea without sugar n I am comfortable with it.

I sincerely thank Aniket Agrawal. His before n after pic inspired me to enquire about Rishi's diet plan.

And last but definitely not the least. Thank you Rishi. I was deeply touched in the way u changed my context about health. The empowering conversations we had in between were highly valuable. Now, Health is an addition to the list of so many other things that I would always be grateful to you for in life. *

Harshika Pasad

Dear Rishi,

Thank you for being such an awesome human being.  Creating fit and healthy world,  worth living fully.
I have just begun my journey towards weight loss without losing vitality.  It is working great.
In 2010, post my malaria sickness(lasted for 15days, including hospitalisation), suddenly thete was weight shoot up from 65kg to 80kg. And lots of low vitality. I was even unable to do normal walk for more than
15/20 minutes.
I was always scared to go on diet,  as it either says starve or says cook separate srvings for you. I didn't have even that additional strengh to do extra cooking.
When I heard about your be fit be healthy project.  I dared to at least get knowledge.  I was said,  I will have freedom to choose this this diet.  No compulsion....
Your scientific explanation enrolled me to follow the diet plan. I found it doable. I jumped in it. During this period,  With the graph of weight chart going up n down like ecg my emotions also flowed.  But you and my mentor Aniket both gave a huge conversation support to me to move on.....
It all started with 82 kg. In 24 days,  today i am 77.9kg. 4kg loss.  With immense raise in vitality,  aliveness and my mischievous being has also started showing up after ages......
My gratitude to you and your team. *

Hemang Bhatt

I am Hemang Bhatt, Managing Director of HAS Lifestyle Limited. I am heading brands ‘HAS South Bombay’ and ‘HAS Juices & More’ which has around 15 stores across Mumbai, Gujarat, Raipur, Bangalore and Pune.

I visited Mr Rishi Modi on 12th January, 2017 and though I am in health and wellness business my personal food habits were not healthy. Me having a weight of 82 kgs then started following simple guidelines given by Mr Modi and today my weight is 74 kgs. A staggering difference of 8 kgs in mere 3 months by just following simple guidelines by Mr Modi and good food habits that too enjoyable meals was behind this miracle. My 45 minutes daily exercise includes 15 – 25 minutes pranayama on instructions of Mr Modi.

I highly appreciate Mr Rishi Modi’s contribution to my healthy and happy life. His noble cause to see people fit & healthy and eventually heading for a healthy nation is worth pondering.

I would be grateful if I could be of any help for his noble cause and wish him all the very best in his endeavours.

Thanking You,  *



I thank Rishi Health for scientifically introducing me to concept of fitness in simple language. Demystifying the world of sugar, carbs etc. Unlike other diets that left me weak, this regimen increased my vitality and energy and I feel less sluggish along with reduced fat. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to follow Rishi Health fitness regimen. Let us support them in making a difference in the world of fitness.  *

Piyush Shah

Thanks a ton Rishi....I am really happy to see the transformation. I don't believe a foodie like me could actually achieve this. Thanks Nitesh to push me and stand for me ?? *

Krishna Daulat

I started my fitness journey back in June, 2016. At the time i weighed 100 kgs and was unfit on all counts. My cholesterol and triglycerides were off the charts and my uric acid was also very high. I reached a weight of 83 within 5 months but was still falling sick very often, felt tired and also my weight had gotten stuck at 83 kgs. I started my journey on the Be Fit Be Healthy lifestyle from December, 2016 and within 16 days i had lost 5 kgs and what was amazing was that my vitality had gone up, my hunger pangs were gone, my immunity was boosted. 4 months into the diet I have lost 2 inches from my waist, 8% body fat and i feel fit and strong. I haven't had any sickness at all since I've been on the diet as well! It's been an amazing journey and i would sincerely like to thank Rishi for introducing me to this 'lifestyle'!  *


I really want to thank Rishi's BeFitBeHealthy Program. I'm a fitness enthusiast and I've actively worked out for several years. However,I realised that despite intense workouts (2 hours a day) I had stubborn fat around my waist which refused to go. After following the diet religiously for 7 weeks, my body fat dropped by 3% and I lost about 4 kilos. I feel a lot lighter and I look much leaner.
This weight loss program doesn't just give you quick hacks to lose weight but focuses on building a healthy lifestyle. Today,I'm more aware of what I eat and its implication on my body. The diet is wholesome and focuses on overall health and vitality.

Thank you once again Rishi for your support and guidance! Cheers to BeFitBeHealthy *


I would like to thank Mr Rishi Modi for his selfless guidance and support due to which I am able to get fit and healthy and feeling more confident of myself. I had suffered from severe cervical spondylitis in 2016 and also had triglycerides at border level and where my doctor had said that if you want to live long you need to reduce your weight, burn fat percentage and also build good muscles. That was an alarming signal for me. I had been trying to reduce weight since September 2016 but was unable to get success in getting and shaping up myself. When I had attended Mr Rishi's session where he explained the scientific way to maintaining your body and how to get fit. I would like to thank Mr Rishi Modi from bottom of my heart for all his support and guidance. I would support his mission of Be Fit - be healthy to as many people as possible. I would also like to thank Mr Paraagg Shah who introduced me to Mr Rishi.  *


I want to take this opportunity to thank Rishi and the Be fit -be healthy diet program.

It's after ten to fifteen years that I'm back to 75.2 kg.

I've always been a "skinny" and "Lanky" built person. However, in the year 2005 I realized that I had started putting on weight in the "wrong" areas.

Even though I played badminton regularly (one hour daily for six days a week) I still managed to retain the weight at 85 kg.

I used to get acidity frequently, nearly once a week and used to be hungry contiuously. I'd stopped eating watermelon and also stopped milk, but acidity and the weight prevailed.

After starting the diet, not only have I lost 10 kg in less than two months, I've also have been free from acidity attacks and hunger pangs. I've been getting improved sleep and been more energetic.

Thank you once again to "Be fit - Be healthy diet " - Also I lost two inches on the waist in the process 🙂  *


I have lost 7 kg after the diet. In last 10years, I must have undergone number of weight reduction programs and gym but could loose only 1-2 kg maximum. Was frustrated & finally excepted my weight. But in last 1.5 months I have not only lost weight, but I'm feeling more energetic. Biggest achievement is now I have started jogging which was very difficult.  *


I started with this diet of Rishi's in November 2016. I was 68 back then and was struggling with my weight going up.

I am a food blogger and at the time I was not able to balance my diet to not gain weight.

Once I started the diet within a matter of a week I lost more than 2 kilos. Continued it for 40 days and ended up losing 6 kilos by Dec, 2016.

After that there was a time when I was continuously traveling for about 50 days and did not follow the diet in integrity and ended up gaining a couple kilos back along with an expanded waist line which had earlier shrunk.

Once I was back I consulted Rishi again and he suggested I get back to the diet and the results showed within a couple of weeks.

I was back in the 61 kg range after more than 5 years.

The one thing that I now realize is that this a lifestyle more than a diet. With the amount of work and precision that Rishi has put into creating it and now on ongoingly enhancing it, there's no way that it won't work if followed in integrity.

I am now still a food blogger and yet I am able to maintain my weight and follow the diet all thanks to Rishi!  *


I was 64.3 kg weighted on 27/2/17. I was stuck with that weight, and No any other ways reduce my body weight without affecting my skin tone ..When I come to know Rishi Modi's Fitness plan through Mitesh Joshi,I started that.

This is easiest and most effective way of fitness,,as it doesn't require any extra efforts to continue,,it recommend diet chart that is very easily available at home ,,so I developed VERY EASY, CONSISTENTLY EFFECTIVE ,FASTEST HEALTHY way of FITNESS through Rishi's fitness plan..

I lost 6 kg weight in a month. I look more and more young,,,my skin glows,,it gives tremendous happiness to me and my surroundings...Thank you so much Mitesh and Rishi Modi . By Dr Rekha Rathod "  *


"In less than 2 months I was able to reduce 10 kg for my weight, only when I thought nothing can be done about my weight as I've a thyroid ,Be Fit Be Healthy Workshop happened to me and I was amazed by the philosophy and learned about how fat gets made in our body.  Started following the principals and saw amazing results..... I want to thank Rishi & his team for creating an amazing program."  *


My health has always been my issue bcoz of my thrombosis illness never thought I could reduce weight without dieting. Thanks for amazing health plans. I was sulking about my weight and going to many different nutritionist but nothing worked.  Thank you to 'Be Fit Be Healthy' weight loss  program. *


This letter is written with a deep feeling of Joy and happiness and experience of fulfilment and accomplishment in the background. An accomplishment which could not have been possible without your learned view & guidance.

I had always had the dream to be someone who needed to be fit. And in doing so I started meeting and talking to many people to know that magic mantra that could be learnt such that it becomes my lifestyle.

I joined various gyms, had numerous diet regimes, had a variety of exercise regimes and you name it everything. Many times I had nearly starved and other times I had worked out so much that I was left devastated. From eating nothing to working out for 2 hours, Nothing worked. Forget something that I could make a lifestyle.

Result was that I was never eating and working out healthy. Why because I was always either too tired or left hungry and starving. And I never reached the weight and the body contours which I really desired. Over the years I had also consumed by the thought that “this is all that could happen” nothing more.

And then you came by, and attended the seminar where you showed how “RISHI Diet” (I guess you should have it patented), could do wonders. I was clear on that very day that this is going to work and work fast. And knowing the kind of man that you are I took on “ONE MORE DIET REGIME” thinking of doing something different.

And the miracle happened. Within a matter of few days, my weight started coming down from 72 kgs to the current 65.75 kgs effortlessly. Also I have never gone hungry or never starved at it. Moreover I have always felt energetic and have started working out with more intensity. Now following your guide I am out to cause reduction in the FAT %. And I am sure that this is not a dream like the previous one. It is only a matter of time that I achieve this.

I am extremely elated and excited about the ease with which I can now maintain my fitness via this diet for my lifetime. Absolutely Amazing. I am deeply honoured and privileged to have you be a source of inspiration for not only leading an Healthy way of life but also living a life of Extraordinariness.  *


I have known Rishi Modi since 2012 and always admired his passion for fitness and was clear that I can’t do this as I have a temptation for food. So I have always been exercising and eating also and was just managing to keep increasing my weight in check and entertaining a conversation that now I am 44 a few extra kilos is ok. I even did dieting and would leave it in a few days as it would result in starvation.

When Rishi shared with me the new diet plan and after he created a context for me I was truly inspired and as this plan let me eat what I love and still lose weight. I started following it with 100% integrity and in less than 2 months I lost 9 kgs and 2 1/2 inch from the waist. I am thrilled and now I am also joining the gym to now get into further shape. It has also ignited the desire to be on TV and act and also to perform playing the guitar which I had left long back.
Thanks Rishi for the awesome human being you are and the difference you make to the people who get in touch with you.  *

*Disclaimer : Please note that there is no guarantee of specific results as every human body is different and result may vary depending on your body type, metabolism, underline health condition etc.