Penny Moreno

Penny Moreno

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Thanks Rishi and Mitesh...I have tried to follow every bit of your advice on diet. While weight and inches are big part of it, I really feel energized and fresh and active with this diet which was missing sometimes in the past. Thank you very much *


Rupal Shah

From 15 years I went to 4 dieticians.  I did yoga 10 years back, I've done zumba 3 years back, taken weigh loss massages but never went below 58.5 kg and would gain it back in 3 month.

Last year I was so resigned that I did not do anything.

After starting BeFitBeHealthy diet, it was possible for me to lose weight and I feel younger and healthy.

Thank you BeFitBeHealthy Team *

Mehul Seth

Hi all. I achieved my target of losing 9.3 kgs in 70 days. Before starting this diet I used to feel tired by afternoon. A short nap of 15 minutes in the afternoon was mandatory to work productively in the evening. I used to experience acidity n leg pains frequently at night. Also tea n coffee without sugar was unimaginable for me. Also being a Jain I followed Atham n Punam. i.e. no fruits, salads n veggies on these 2 days. So I used to have a khakra with a cup of tea on these two days. That was just not acceptable with tea without sugar on the first day. I badly wanted to have sugar.

Once I took on this diet I rarely have a nap in the afternoon n yet I am high on energy till night. I don't experience acidity n leg pains at night anymore. Also i experimented snacking with tea without sugar n I am comfortable with it.

I sincerely thank Aniket Agrawal. His before n after pic inspired me to enquire about Rishi's diet plan.

And last but definitely not the least. Thank you Rishi. I was deeply touched in the way u changed my context about health. The empowering conversations we had in between were highly valuable. Now, Health is an addition to the list of so many other things that I would always be grateful to you for in life. *

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