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We are committed that our weight loss & health workshops reaches people globally.   Since we offer workshops in Mumbai, we understand that its not possible for everyone to reach our venue to attend the workshop specially if you don’t stay in Mumbai.  To effectively reach our global audience, we have introduced ‘Be Fit Be Healthy’ weight loss real time online webinars.  By simple use of technology, people who stay outside Mumbai or can not reach our venue for any reason, can join us via online live & interacive  webinar.   To attend a webinar the only thing you need is an internet connection and a mobile phone or a laptop.   You can chose the place of your convenience to attend the webinar, it can be your house or office or any quite place.


Who delivers these webinars?

Our trained ‘Be Fit Be Healthy’ instructors delivery these webinars live.

Are these webinars interactive and ask questions?

Yes, these webinars are interactive sessions and you can ask questions whenever you want.  You can ask question via chat or voice, just like live sessions.

Do I need internet connection?

Yes, you need active internet connection as these workshops are live sessions.

How can I access webinar?

You can access webinar via mobile app or desktop browser.

Is there a difference in content between live session and webinar?

No, there is no difference.

Who can attend these webinars?

Anyone who is committed to his health and fitness.

How much does the webinar costs?

Cost of the webinar is Rs. 500/- per person.

Why are webinars paid, where are your workshops are free?

We charge Rs. 500/- to recover our technology cost.

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