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Hello, my name is Jennifer

I have always had an interest in food from a very young age – I would pretend I was in cooking shows in mums kitchen with all my ingredients in tiny glass bowls and be talking out loud to my imaginary camera, having a ball.

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Salad for Big Meal by Rachana Modi

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She changed everything in
my life…

Pretty much my whole life I’ve been living in a total distress. And it was unclear what seemed to be the reason. Up until my friend showed me your profile in a social network. Then it all clicked in place – I was harming my body with junk food and lazy TV evenings. Thank you for teaching me a healthy lifestyle, excercises and eating

by Anna Wellington

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This letter is written with a deep feeling of Joy and happiness and experience of fulfilment and accomplishment in the background. An accomplishment which could not have been possible without your learned view & guidance.

I had always had the dream to be someone who needed to be fit. And in doing so I started meeting and talking to many people to know that magic mantra that could be learnt such that it becomes my lifestyle.

I joined various gyms, had numerous diet regimes, had a variety of exercise regimes and you name it everything. Many times I had nearly starved and other times I had worked out so much that I was left devastated. From eating nothing to working out for 2 hours, Nothing worked. Forget something that I could make a lifestyle.

Result was that I was never eating and working out healthy. Why because I was always either too tired or left hungry and starving. And I never reached the weight and the body contours which I really desired. Over the years I had also consumed by the thought that “this is all that could happen” nothing more.

And then you came by, and attended the seminar where you showed how “RISHI Diet” (I guess you should have it patented), could do wonders. I was clear on that very day that this is going to work and work fast. And knowing the kind of man that you are I took on “ONE MORE DIET REGIME” thinking of doing something different.

And the miracle happened. Within a matter of few days, my weight started coming down from 72 kgs to the current 65.75 kgs effortlessly. Also I have never gone hungry or never starved at it. Moreover I have always felt energetic and have started working out with more intensity. Now following your guide I am out to cause reduction in the FAT %. And I am sure that this is not a dream like the previous one. It is only a matter of time that I achieve this.

I am extremely elated and excited about the ease with which I can now maintain my fitness via this diet for my lifetime. Absolutely Amazing. I am deeply honoured and privileged to have you be a source of inspiration for not only leading an Healthy way of life but also living a life of Extraordinariness.  *


I have known Rishi Modi since 2012 and always admired his passion for fitness and was clear that I can’t do this as I have a temptation for food. So I have always been exercising and eating also and was just managing to keep increasing my weight in check and entertaining a conversation that now I am 44 a few extra kilos is ok. I even did dieting and would leave it in a few days as it would result in starvation.

When Rishi shared with me the new diet plan and after he created a context for me I was truly inspired and as this plan let me eat what I love and still lose weight. I started following it with 100% integrity and in less than 2 months I lost 9 kgs and 2 1/2 inch from the waist. I am thrilled and now I am also joining the gym to now get into further shape. It has also ignited the desire to be on TV and act and also to perform playing the guitar which I had left long back.
Thanks Rishi for the awesome human being you are and the difference you make to the people who get in touch with you.  *

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